Aria Cadenza

The Wandering Violinist

"Consider me an easter egg on your journey through Eorzea; on stage at a favorite venue, or entertaining a private dinner for two. ♪"

The biracial daughter of Eryutian émigré, Arja Monnawesfv, & Hyuran medic, Jain Cadenza, was born near Southern Othard during a time when most who dared enter the great Golmore were to be met with death. Aria's ear for music grew, not from the spirit voice of the Wood, but from endless nights of clinking salves and tale-telling. Her ambition was fortified by encounters with her father's former Rava clan brethern; young, wounded jacks who'd failed to earn the title of master, now in her mother's care--torn between the choice to lead lives of extreme solitude and honor, or to be forgotten by rite of exile for seeking compassion in the arms of outsiders.In every arc, shift, and stroke of her bow, Aria swore to honor her family name and rise above the title of "second-class" citizen given all too freely to non-pureblood. She won early, but short-lived fame through local bard performances in the limited circles of her native country. Then, on the eve of her fourteenth nameday, news of foreign crusaders drawing ever closer to their borders wrought their tearful separation and westward travel. Aria's sudden departure from Othard coincided with unsuccessful resistance to the encroaching Garlean Empire, and soon found herself in the company of myriad Doman refugees.

Fundraising performances and moving tales of the close-knit community that reared her soon drew the attention of other fellow oral historians and talent scouts for La Noseca Chamber Orchestra. The company flourished, touring the farthest reaches of Aldenard, and for some years Aria enjoyed the position of first chair. Overtime, however, she grew disillusioned with the company due to its competitive nature and artistic differences. She longed to return to the simplicity of clinking glass, cracking flames, and nomadic lifestyle she once knew.In an effort to reestablish herself, Aria made roots in New Gridania as a private instructor commissioned by the guild of archery. After years of feedback and iteration, she developed The Cadenza Collection©, a repertoire of children's music for her students and for aspiring bards. Aria's approach to learning is founded on her belief that "Musical sense is not a talent reserved for few; it is an aptitude calling out to you."

In addition to teaching, she continued composing and working to perfect her craft, making use of newly developed midi and electronic instruments lauded by countless street-performers and close friends. She hoped to explore its poetic possibilities while avoiding the more obvious ostentation and dry technicality of the Sharlyan Conservatory. On occasion, she was asked to headline community events for newcomer adventurers.Her Mih Khetto Amphitheatre debut of "The Green Word" won the adoration of many, including a few secret admirers. The love of her life courted her for years with small acts of humanity (greeting her time and again with a resounding "Lali-ho!", being there for her first hat-fitting, cushioning aetheryte expenses... a city-dweller's contrivance that she'd cherish as long as she lived). Shared interests eclipsed their noticeable differences in longevity and stature and they soon grew to be inseparable.

While some scoffed at their unorthodox romance and some unpleasantry did emerge, the couple held fast in defiance of those who would disparage interracial companionship. A mutual hero's inspired words echoed in their eternal vows; "..until the heavens fall, until our last breath!" Close friends of estranged Eruytians clinked glasses, remembering times when her parents before her faced similar prejudice and threw back their heads in laughter.This Heavensturn's past, Aria opened Laborum Symphonia, a community music program open weekly on Sundays. She collaborates often with Eorzean Metropolitan Museum of Art (EMMA); a Nosecan oasis with open doors to art and music connoisseurs of every race and social standing, and also to 0HP Karaoke Eorzea's first & finest karaoke venue! To cover the costs of labor and construction and preserve the paradise she had found following her heart, Aria joined the rotating waitstaff of Coyote Coffee, whose delightful staff and support network stand second to none in the heart of Lamia! Her nightlife funds her daydream, and she looks forward to meeting wanderers who would hear her story. ♪

covers by genre

CLASSICAL"city ruins (rays of light)" - NiER: Automata, keiichi okabe"dedicated to moonlight" - mayayoshi soken"lilium" - elfen lied ost, takao yoshioka"prelude" - FFVIII ost (opening theme)"somnus" - FFXV ost (opening theme)"song of the ancients" - NiER: Automata, keiichi okabe"the hand that gives the rose" - FFXIV (ravana's theme)"the nightmare begins (vincent's theme)" - FFVII OST, nobuo uematsu"voice of no return" - NiER: Automata, keiichi okabe

"alone together" - daley ft. marsha ambrosius“alter” - kahlani"ballin" - roddie rich"boundaries" - jamila woods"die for me" - post malone ft. halsey"killin' me softly" - the fugees

"adore you" - miley cyrus"aria of the soul" (groove guitar mix) - persona 5"bit of rain" - empress of"cross me" - ed sheeran ft. chance the rapper + "stay gold" - utada hikaru"so hot you're hurting my feelings" / "sunset" - caroline polachek"i really wanna stay at your house" - rose walton & halle coggins"let me love you like a woman" - lana del rey"lipstick" - charlie puth"phoenix (2019 worlds song)" - league of legends"sunflower" - swae lee ft. post malone"watermelon" - harry styles"yesterday" - the beatles

"life eternal" - ghost"man in the box" - alice in chains"one more time" - blink 182"the phoenix" - fall out boy"this is the life" - dream theater

video game medleys

HEAVENSWARD - FFXIV"erase me" - lizzy mcalpine ft. cacob collier + "the waking sands""everybody's fool" - evanescence + "painted skies""kissing strangers" - usher + "the maiden's lament / my soul to keep""tattoo" - loreen + "solid""mount gagazet theme" - FFX OST + "dragonsong""won't let you go" - martin garrix + "exponential entropy"

"doomed" - bring me the horizon + "procedamus in pace", "lunacy""ghost" - muse + "harmony""good enough" - evanescence + "earth, wind, & water""stay" - palaye royale + "the worm's tail""weird fishes/arpeggi" - radiohead + "drowning in the horizon""you right" - doja cat ft. the weeknd + "cradle"

"broken pieces shine" - evanescence + "a long fall""face my fears" - utada hikaru ft. skrillex + "faerie ring", "city ruins""fly to you" - caroline polachek + "pain and pleasure" (eulmore theme)""focused" - quavo ft. young thug + "civilizations""i feel it coming" - the weeknd + "neath dark waters""kiss it better" - rihanna + "unchanging, everchanging", "kainé""ocean of tears" - caroline polachek + "a land long dead"

"flow" - raw violin instrumental (untouched)"graveyard" - halsey + "flow" (upbeat)"lost butterfly" - rurutia + "footfalls" (serene)"slow dancing in a burning room" - john mayer + "flow" (country)"tomorrow and tomorrow" - raw violin instrumental (untouched)"yummy" - justin bieber + "footfalls" (upbeat)

"away in a manger" (christmas) + "indominable" (blue kojin theme)"besaid's theme" + "suteki da ne" - FFX OST"treasured memories" + "tidus's theme" - Yoko Shimomura, KH & FFX OSTs"cotton-eyed joe" + "bump of chicken" - spy x family OST, souvenir"nature boy" - reese youngn + "nature boy" - moulin rouge ost"silent night" (christmas) + "close in the distance" (ultima thule theme)

Live Music

🎻 Venue Booking (25+ Guests) --
1.5 mil (30 min) / 3 mil (60 min)
🎻 Private Party (5+ Guests) --
1 mil (30 min) / 2 mil (45 min)
🎻 Date Night (2-4 Guests) --
500k gil (30 min) / 1 mil (60 min)
What I offer can be changed to fit your needs and requests!


🖼️ Storyboards -- 100k gil🖼️ SWF Collabs -- 75k gil🖼️ SFW Spotlights -- 50k gil🖼️ Venue Spotlights -- 25k gil*My asking prices per photo / page


🎬 Collaborations -- 7 mil🎬 Solo Spotlights -- 5 mil🎬 Venue/Housing Reels -- 3 milThere's nothing more fun that making a MUSIC VIDEO--for both the those featured and for the those behind the scenes! My pricing accounts for pre-/post-production, as well as time spent during the shoot. I draw a lot of inspiration from ReShade, and old WoW Machinamas! For my sanity, I limit to 4 mins or less. Whether your request is just for the thrill or for self-promotion, a creator attribution and 2-day turnaround is appreciated for editing and revision purposes. Please enjoy these samples of my past work!:

Title & Artist(s)StarringLength
c - "Broadway Girls" by Morgan Wallen ft. Lil DurkTaihei Doma & Chubz3:05 min
c - "Die For Me" by Post Malone ft. HalseyKazino Arcana & Aria2:03 min
c - "erase me" by Lizzy McPhanse ft. Jacob Collieraria & a special someone2:27 min
s - "what if it's not enough?" by Lubalingrizzariah sanguinor & ku1:40 min
s - "the man" by The Killerslundo plex1:21 min
c - "bit of rain" by empress ofcoralyne styles & aria2:01 min
c - "i really want to stay at your house" by Rosa WaltonReze & Sjofn Blackheart2:25 min
c - "summer too hot" by Chris BrownBhris Crown & A'li Xpress1:30 min
v - "quiet resource" composed by Evelyn SteinEorzean Met. Museum3:26 min
v - "lullaby of deserted hell" from 彩音The Apothecafe3:26 min
s - "leave me alone!" by fred again ft. baby keemsanta's baby1:11 min
c - "unbreakable" by fireflightkaisa, onyx & otono3:13 min
c - "party" by chris brown ft. usher & gucci maneelite & friends2:05 min
v - "monkey wrench" by foo fightersthe dew point crew2:07 min

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Aria is an earnest, all-embracing, seeker of "educational moments". When she isn't practicing, she spends a lot of time misplacing personal treasures, forgetting important things, and thinking of what delights people the most! Aria's languages of love are, above all else, music, mending and crafting.(She is my main character since being first introduced to FFXIV in '20 by my IRL boyfriend of +4 years (coincidentally the lucky lalafell in Aria's life :) and was made Rava Viera without a second thought as homage to one of my favorite final fantasies (FFXII). A Midwesterner, teacher, live musician, casual streamer and gamer, Aria is very much an extension of my IRL personality!)I also really love getting feedback and insight @ariacadenza. I have learned so much from friends met along the way, and am enthusiastic to continue growing and iterating my random assortment of skills!